I feel so much cared for every time I visit Dr. Kang. He is very professional and knowledgeable but yet very personable. He always listens for whole story rather than symptom based so not only he tries to cure the symptoms but also as whole. He takes his time and I can tell and feel he puts his every effort for me to get better. I will continue to go to him for my treatment without any hesitation. I highly recommend him for anyone who need chiropractic needs. -- Maria K.

I don't normally write reviews but I had to write one today. I was fed up with my current chiropractor that wasn't available on Fridays when I could see him, over 30 miles away and after 3 years of seeing him and thousands of dollars, I still had chronic back pain. The last time I had seen him he had said "it must be something".....hmmm aren't you supposed to find out what that something is? Today I was fed up and bored of the pain, so I decided to find another chiropractor. WOW!!!, I feel like I hit the jackpot! Dr. Kang and his staff could not have been more friendly, caring, compassionate, helpful and knowledgeable. They made me feel like family. They genuinely care about you and the service is FANTASTIC! . It's definitely not about the money, as he dissuaded me from purchasing a neck pillow. Yes, there are doctors that do that. He took some X-rays and discovered a number of things wrong with my back that my previous chiropractor had missed. Hmmm, I wonder if those were the "something's" he hadn't taken the time to try and discover. How can you treat me effectively when you don't know what the problems are. I thought I had been receiving treatments for the lack of curvature in my neck, needless to say I hadn't which explained my severe neck and upper back pain, this really irritated me but at least I have found Dr. Kang now and can finally get the problem corrected, even though I thought that's what I have been doing these past 3 years. It explains why the problem has got worse, because I haven't been treating it as I thought these past 3 years. Anyway, now I've found Dr. Kang, so better late than never. The best part was Dr. Kang was extremely professional and never said a bad word about my previous chiropractor to make himself look good. My adjustment lasted about 20 minutes, no in and out here. My previous chiropractor could have me in and out in 5 minutes flat and that included a conversation, lol. I would recommend Dr. Kang to anyone with back problems. If you have been seeing your current chiropractor for more than 3 weeks without any relief go to see Dr. Kang and you will have pain relief after the first visit like I did. I'm so used to being in pain at a number 8 it feels very strange to now be only at a 3 after only one visit. YAY!!! EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! -- Suzanne B.

I've never seen a chiropractor who gives spirit and soul out to the patient. I literally saw him sweating during the session. I can recommend Dr. Kang to any body any day. He will take care of me for the rest of my life. A+++++  -- Jeremiah K.

Dr. Kang is very dedicated to what he does and he truly wants the best for you. From the moment I stepped into the office and left, the experience and customer service was exceptional. Definitely recommend!  -- Angie O.

Friendly receptionist and clean environment. Doctor is professional.  -- Gary C.

I was recommended to visit Dr. Kang after my car accident and what a great decision. Dr. Kang and his staff are friendly and professional. The treatments were very comfortable and educational. Office was very clean and inviting. Vitamin water after the treatments is always great too!  -- Samuel K. 

Dr. Kang and his staff were extremely friendly and helpful. They took their time to treat me. I had a great experience at their office.  -- White R.

I’ve had very good experience at Prime Chiropractic. Dr. Kang has the best abilities to treat you and fix the problems you have no matter what. I had a shoulder injury and just in four sessions I felt like if nothing happened to my shoulder. If you ever have an injury in your body, your best option to be treated will be Prime Chiropractic & Rehab Center at any of their locations, Doraville or Duluth. Their prices are very affordable too! 100% Recommended!  -- Sarah S.

Wanted to give a Great Shout our to Dr Kang and his Wonderful Staff. Don’t wish for anyone to be in pain but, if you ever need a GREAT CHIROPRACTOR, Dr Kang ( Prime) is totally Awesome, and the cherry on the cake , He really cares. Thank you Dr Kang, Mary and your entire staff.  -- Rose D.

Prime chiropractic is really amazing they helped me so much. They have really good service. They treat their patients really nicely. Every one is really kind. I would give them more stars if it was a choice.  -- Nadia A.

I am treating here last 3 months. I am improving day by day. Doctor & staffs are very friendly. They are take care me as a family member. I recommend this office for my family member & friends. I think this is the best chiropractor location in Gwinnett & Dekalb county. I wish their success. Finally, thanks again Doctor & staffs.  -- Monzur R.

I’ve had an awesome experience at Prime Chiropractic, their staff is incredible and their services top notch. Mary is a wonderful assistant, she’s going to make you feel in a paradise and Dr. Kang has the best abilities to treat you and fix the problems you have no matter what. I had a shoulder injury and just in four sessions I felt like if nothing happened to my shoulder. If you ever have an injury in your body, your best option to be treated will be Prime Chiropractic & Rehab Center at any of their locations, Doraville or Duluth. Their prices are very affordable too! 100% Recommended!  -- Ricardo P.

My experience at Prime Chiropractic has been amazing. I started going here after my car accident in late 2018, and thanks to Dr. Kang and his wonderful staff, I have made a full recovery. He truly cares about his patients' well being, and will do everything in his ability to try and correct any problem you may have. I was treated for a wrist and back injury during my time here, and I feel better now than I did before the accident. If you ever get in an accident or hurt yourself, please do yourself a favor and come to Prime. You won't regret it.  Thank you Dr. Kang for everything you have done!  -- Jake S.

Dr. Kang and his staff were very professional, they treated me like family. The care I received after my MVA was excellent! I would recommend Prime Chiropractic to any of my friends and family members!  -- Rose O.

Dr. Kang and his staff are phenomenal!  -- Adrienne B.

Dr. Kang is an awesome doctor who really gets to know his patients and their unique situations. He fully understands how to approach the treatment and therapy involved. I would highly recommend him anytime. He is a great guy to get along with and will have a good time with him! If you become injured in a car accident, come seek him!  -- Joe C.

Dr. Kang and his staff are exceptionally compassionate individuals. Patients are seen promptly at their scheduled appointment times in immaculate facilities equipped with state of the art chiropractic care equipment. Dr. Kang is a good listener who treats his patients with utmost respect. He spends as much time as needed to educate every patient about their condition and why he will take a specific treatment approach to alleviate their discomfort. His wisdom, abilities, and caring attitude have earned my trust and respect. I am truly thankful that he is my doctor.  -- Laurel A.

My first visit to Prime Chiropractic dates back to 2015, when I had a car accident. Although case is already resolved, I still visit Prime Chiropractic from time to time because they know my condition better than anybody do. Going to a chiropractor is a very lengthy process, whether the case is car accident or personal injury, so you might as well have a chiropractor and certified chiro assistant who understand the matter and communicate with patients well; both the chiropractor and certified chiro assistant here are very professional, knowledgeable and caring.  -- Gibaek K.

Great place to visit. Very down to earth and gets the job done. So far I've visited him every time i got in an accident or hurt myself. Very happy with the results. He's no magician but it still works.  -- Yongdo L.

Great place. Great treatment. They were friendly and welcoming. I can’t say enough great things about them. Top notch place and I will gladly go back again any time I need to.  - Michael D.

Amazing service! I absolutely loved my experience here. The staff was welcoming and professional, the facility was spotless, and Dr. Kang was very knowledgeable.  -- Daniel Y.

I had terrible pain breathing due to a subluxation in my rib and was desperate to be able to breathe normally again . Dr. Kang knew right away how to treat this and after just 2 visits the pain was completely gone. Dr. Kang is very experienced and his clinic was very welcoming and helpful!  -- Priscilla O.

Dr Kang is very professional, knowledgeable and goes above and beyond with your treatment. He's not one of those guys that cracks a few joints and sends you on your way. I went to him for a strained back and aching shoulders. He was detailed with his diagnosis and answered all my questions. He was also extremely thorough with the treatment. After a few visits I was back to normal. Would highly recommend to anyone.  -- Jang K.

Great all around experience and service. Will not go anywhere but here from now on. Dr. Kang will meet and exceed your expectations of treatment!  -- Joe J.

Dr. Kang is beyond the BEST doctor I've ever met and I've seen some good ones but his very knowledge at what he does and is very caring. If your someone who does not like to wait this is the place never one time I've waited to be seen. It's a walk in and boom I'm back there. Dr. Kang and Alyssa is good with remembering your name too without looking at a paper. Alyssa is the girl who works in the front and does your PT and massage and all your paperwork. She is really nice always a smile on her face and just a really good personality. There both really nice and caring also she has you a juice or propel water after you get done with your treatment. If you want the best experience or treatment come here you won't regret it!!!! I don't really rate places but I have to with these people because they deserve to be noticed for their good work and great services. Thanks Dr. Kang and Alyssa. Next week is my last visit but y'all are amazing and I'm going to miss y'all but will always return with no questions asked so keep my file. lol but okay I think I've made it clear GO HERE!!!! The real 411 pain free is here.  -- Erica L.

Great experience! Warm and friendly staff, Dr Kang was super knowledgeable, and their equipment was high speed. I went in for a soccer related lower back injury, and left the office feeling so much better already. Electro shock therapy, massage, and a quick adjustment. It was wonderful. Dr Kang took X-rays of my back, and showed them to me in 2 minutes. I couldn't speak highly enough of this place. -- Mike W.

Need I say more. Honest, down to earth, killer techniques. Been coming here all the time and will continue when needed.  -- Yongdo L.

I have visited SEVERAL chiro practices in Georgia since I was little. After being treated by Dr. Kang I realized how (not so great) my prior experiences were with other chiro practitioners. Dr. Kang is honest, he's not after your money, and he is genuinely concerned for one's recovery. He made me feel like I'm more than just a "patient". I can guarantee that anyone who gets treated by Dr. Kang will come back.  -- Gina Y.

Dr Kang and his staff are great! I wasn't expecting much when i went in from past experiences, but they are fantastic! He took the time to go over the x-ray and treatment plan with me and also offered services that I've never seen anywhere else. He uses this massage thing before adjusting and it feels great! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for pain treatment/rehab services! If you're a girl, you can also get a mini pedicure (soak your feet while you wait).  -- Sunny B.

Dr. Kang and his staff were exactly what I was looking for - friendly, knowledgeable, experienced and passionate - when I set out to find a chiropractor for my hurt back and shoulder about 6 months ago. I am a fitness enthusiast, so wear and tear come with the territory. Dr. Kang tailors his adjustments and therapy to my specific needs and never seems to require a reminder for what has been ailing me. I am happy to say that my back pain is almost completely gone (small flair ups here and there) and my shoulder pain has subsided greatly. I credit my recovery in large part to Dr. Kang and Prime Chiropractic. Highly recommended.  - Patrick S.

Awesome place! Very friendly. I had neck and back pain, and after treatment. I no longer have pain. I recommend anyone with back and neck pain to go to Prime chiro.  -- Jenny K.

Before prime chiropractic I’ve tried massage (10+) acupuncture (3) and a family doctor and a specialist. at the end of all that Prime work the best highly recommended very friendly staff and doctor.  -- John C.